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Online MBA

Edinburgh Business School is the Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University. 

Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, has been helping working experts progressed toward becoming business pioneers for more than 25 years, offering high caliber and available postgraduate projects in business. Our prominent online MBA, Masters, DBA and PhD programs have quickened the professions of more than 20,000 alumni, with many encountering an expansion in their compensation, advancements inside their organizations and others beginning their own organizations. 

The online MBA program offers you the chance to win an esteemed British Master’s qualification that gives unrivaled adaptability, with a similar scholastic meticulousness and scholarly test that the on-grounds MBA programs offer. 

  • Meet Heather Ashley, EBS MBA Graduate 
  • Program structure 
  • You can pick where and when you think about; the decision is yours. 

The online MBA program has been intended to fit the lives of occupied business experts. It gives you the opportunity to pick when you start your investigations and when you complete them. 

To finish the program, you should pass nine courses altogether; seven center courses and two electives. The center courses are: 

– Accounting 

– Economics 

– Finance 

– Marketing 

– Organizational Behavior 

– Project Management 

– Strategic Planning. 

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The online MBA program is available to all 

Normally you will hold a perceived first or inferior degree, or identical expert capability. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t, you can even now gain section onto our online MBA by passing three courses, one of which must be center. 

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Conveyance of materials 

All materials expected to help and bring you through your MBA degree are accessible on the web, on the Student Portal. To give you a sign of what is incorporated on our Student Portal, you can sign in by utilizing “demo” as both your username and secret phrase. 


All courses are surveyed by test. 

The majority of the online MBA courses are surveyed by examination. You pick when you’re prepared and we’ll give an evaluation focus close you. All courses are analyzed in our significant test sessions (eats less) in June and December every year. Minor test sessions are held in March and August. 

For more data, enquire now; we’d love to get notification from you. 


We might probably grant you an exception on the off chance that you hold a past capability in an important subject. If you don’t mind note that these exclusions are just at any point granted at our carefulness. More data can be found on our site. 


Our charges adding machine will give you an outline of the program’s expense.

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