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Ace of Business Administration

Ace of Business Administration (MBA) 

What is the eventual fate of the board training? 

Go along with us and we will manufacture it together at Asia School of Business. 

Bank Negara Malaysia and MIT Sloan School grasp the test to follow another and better way. ASB is the chance to begin an instructive establishment without any preparation and address the necessities and difficulties of the board training with a crisp, inventive and pioneering approach. We unequivocally trust that the up and coming age of transformative pioneers for the rising scene will be created based on speculations found in the best worldwide colleges joined with the experience and activity learning point of view. 

Finding out about issues organizations face from contextual investigations is a model of the past. Activity Learning is what’s to come. ASB will offer administration understudies, the executives experts, and the foundations that utilize them another method for getting things done, better approaches for adapting, better approaches for considering and a superior combination of hypothesis with training. 

ASB’s MBA 3.0 mixes hypothesis and practice at each dimension. The MIT Sloan staff will show the equivalent thorough central subjects at ASB that is conveyed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Furthermore, ASB’s educational programs will incorporate activity learning ventures with our corporate accomplices and institutional accomplices all through Asia, giving progressing chances to test and apply the hypotheses of the study hall in a wide scope of authoritative, institutional and field difficulties. 

Our energizing and exceptionally creative educational programs is in the endorsement procedure yet meanwhile visit our Curriculum page to find out about the primary features of the program. 

Activity Learning at Asia School of Business 

Activity Learning is a procedure which includes taking a shot at genuine difficulties, utilizing the information and abilities of a group to address and re-decipher old and natural ideas, make new arrangements and execute them to assess the result. Activity Learning tasks can resolve noteworthy business, hierarchical and social issues and bring the study hall into the field and the customer organizations into the study hall. 

Activity Learning ventures (4-5 extends throughout the MBA program; 40% of the educational programs): the understudies have the choice to have practical experience in a specific industry or capacity while working with genuine organizations or can get expansive presentation to a scope of various sorts of undertakings. Move Learning ventures make place over the district and ASB encourages situations (understudies are not expected to locate their own undertakings). 

Different Highlights: 

  • Approximately 80% of the courses are conveyed by MIT staff 
  • 6 weeks excursion to the US (a month in MIT and 2 weeks in the business 

The educational modules will highlight the MIT Sloan Action Learning instructional method: 


  • THINK – the class understanding 
  • ACT – the “take a brief trip and see” involvement 
  • REFLECT – the basic reasoning knowledge 
  • REPEAT – Knowledge originates from rehashed experimentation. 

The ASB training sets you in a place to encounter exponential development — scholastically, by and by, and expertly. More than that, the MBA program at ASB will manufacture your certainty as a pioneer and a specialist of progress, putting you on a way to achieve your vocation objectives and desires. 


There is a profession module as a component of their educational programs so as to assist our understudies with finding work after graduation. Understudies likewise take an interest in real life Learning ventures for 40% of their time in the program, and through this presentation to working with genuine organizations, there is a high potential for vocation position with Action Learning accomplices. Notwithstanding facilitating more convention vocation fairs, we connect widely with our industry accomplices for post-work openings, just as with counseling administrations, for example, Career Muse (a MIT Alumni established organization) to enable our understudies to propel their post-graduation profession goals. 

Cost and Fees 

Roughly 85, 000 USD (comprehensive of educational cost charges, convenience, course materials and travel for Action Learning ventures just as movement to the U.S.) 

It is the objective of Asia School of Business to concede the most qualified candidates. Asia School of Business utilizes a “needs visually impaired” affirmations process which does not think about the monetary status of the candidate. It is the objective of Asia School of Business to concede the most qualified candidates and will work with conceded candidates to verify the budgetary help they need through grants and additionally credits.

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